Berlin Brandenburg International School
Admissions Procedure
Families interested in sending a child to BBIS or BBIS Boarding should complete the online application form. Once applicants complete the application form, they will receive an email regarding their OpenApply login information. During the application process, parents can stay updated on their application procedure via this account.

Please note that there is a non-refundable application fee due at the time of application. The fee for each submitted school application is 100 EUR and an additional 100 EUR to include boarding.

Only completed applications submitted with all the required documentation will be considered. The application will be reviewed by the appropriate principal. If admission is granted, BBIS will enclose a school contract and, if applicable, a boarding contract for signature along with the letter of acceptance. In all cases, the parents or guardians are notified by letter of the result of their application.

The parents have three weeks to countersign the contract and make arrangements for payment of fees. Parents are asked to carefully read about the unique BBIS educational philosophy and the IBO curriculum to make sure we are a good fit for their family before enrolling.

When the contract is returned, an invoice for the registration fee will be sent to the parents. This registration fee is a one-time fee used for investment in buildings and equipment. Once the registration fee is paid, the student is placed on the school roll. An invoice for tuition will be posted to the parents in August. Sixty percent of the total bill is due on September1, forty percent on January 1.

For local families and families able to visit the campus before enrollment, an appointment will be made to visit the school to discuss the student's transfer and the programme offered.

Testing and Screening

Students will be tested and screened depending on age and language proficiency. This may include testing in mathematics, German (for native German speakers attending a local school), and English (to assess the requirements for EAL support).

Probationary Admission

In some instances, applicants may be granted probationary admission. For the applicant to remain at school, criteria documented for the specific student under consideration must be met. The time period for the fulfilment of the conditions will be determined on a case-by-case basis at the time of admission. The school reserves the right to insist that probationary terms are met.

Boarding Admission

International families interested in sending a child to the boarding school should contact the Head of Boarding School. Students must be 14 years or older at the start of the desired school year. In order to apply for the boarding school, you need to
1. complete the general application form,
2. Indicate that you are willing to apply for the boarding school on the general application form (There is a section titled "boarding student" on the first page).
3. Complete the "BBIS Boarding School Form [if applicable]"  from your checklist once you have logged on to your OpenApply account.

Please note that the boarding application will be processed only if you have indicated applying for boarding school on your general application form as well. In any other case, please contact the school.